NYC Restaurant to Require Customers to Take $50 Covid Test Before Indoor Dining

NBC Universal, Inc.

A New York City restaurant will start providing COVID-19 tests to diners before they can sit down and eat indoors.

City Winery, a splashy restaurant with a winery-feel and venue for live entertainment, claimed it will be the first eatery in the U.S. to test every customer starting Tuesday. The restaurant says a certified practitioner will give rapid testing using a shallow nasal swab to all employees as well.

The catch? Customers will have to pay $50 for the test.

The restaurant says it knows the price may be steep, considering the struggling economy, but CEO Michael Dorf hopes to pioneer a new way for people to dine indoors as safely as possible and to help the business stay afloat.

Dorf tells NBC New York that he also hopes city governments and insurance companies could eventually pay for rapid testing as we all await the vaccine.

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