NYPD Impersonator Scams 87-Year-Old Woman out of Thousands: Police

Police are looking for the man who impersonated an NYPD officer to scam a woman out of thousands of dollars.

The con happened on Oct. 5 when an 87-year-old Upper East Side woman received a phone call from a man claiming to work for the NYPD.

The man allegedly told the woman that he was a police officer investigating counterfeit money that was being deposited into her bank account. He said that she needed to give him $35,000 as part of the investigation, according to police. 

The impersonator arranged for her to meet him near Fifth Avenue and 57th Street so that she could withdraw cash, police said.

The suspect then allegedly called the woman a second time and met her in front of her building, where she gave him more cash.

In all, the woman handed over $35,000 to the alleged impersonator.

The woman was not injured in the scam, police said.

The impersonator is still on the loose, and police continue to investigate.

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