NYPD Arrests Suspected Bank Robber an Hour After Upper East Side Heist

What to Know

  • Police arrested a suspected bank robber just an hour after he allegedly stole $41,000 from a bank on the Upper East Side
  • The NYPD was tracking the suspect at the Real Time Crime Center and officers allegedly found him at a subway station with the cash and a gun
  • The suspect, Duane Edward Moore, was being questioned Friday night; police believe he is behind several robberies

Police arrested a masked man suspected of robbing a Manhattan bank of thousands of dollars just an hour after the brazen heist. 

It was just past 10:30 a.m. Friday when a man with a stocking over his head entered an M&T Bank on the Upper East Side and told workers that he had a gun and wanted cash.

Police say he took money from two teller stations and then entered a vault where he took more cash -- $41,000 in total.

The man dashed into a subway after the robbery, but what he didn’t know was that members of the NYPD were tracking him at the Real Time Crime Center.

“He’s wearing a mask on his face, a brown mask. He has a black duffel bag on him,” a dispatcher said.

NYPD Inspector Joseph Courtesis said that police were able to determine that the suspect boarded either a 4, 5 or 6 train and was headed northbound. 

When the suspect got out of the subway station at East 116th Street, officers who were sent to the area recognized him.

“He looked at us, we looked at him and we knew it was him. And after a short foot pursuit we were able to apprehend the suspect,” NYPD Sgt. Andrew Lane said.

Police say they found the stolen money and a loaded .45-caliber gun on the suspect, who has been identified as Duane Edward Moore.

Moore was being questioned by the Joint Bank Robbery Task Force on Friday night. Police believe he is behind two robberies on the Upper East Side and another in Queens.

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