NYC ‘Pokemon Go' Player Catches All 142 Critters Available in US: Report

He found a lot of the Pokemon at Grand Army Plaza, Central Park and in Battery Park

One "Pokemon Go" player from New York City has already completed the quest to be the very best -- in the United States, at least. 

Nick Johnson, of Brooklyn, posted to Reddit on Thursday that he had caught all of the 142 Pokemon currently available in the United States, Business Insider reports. He appears to be the first person to catch every monster in the game — save six so-called "legendary" Pokemon that haven't been seen anywhere and a trio of others that are exclusive to other countries.

Johnson, an author who works at a Manhattan startup, said that he would spend about eight hours a day catching the monsters after work, spending a lot of time at Grand Army Plaza, in Central Park and in Battery Park to catch Pokemon.

He said that he walked about eight miles each day and caught more than 3,000 of the monsters to complete his collection. Most of the critters he caught in New York City, he told Business Insider that one — a Porygon — required a trip to Jersey City.

"I may or may not have seen it on the radar and then ordered an Uber to drive me around until I found it," he told the website.

Johnson said that he is going to keep playing the game and is writing travel sites and startups to see if he can get a sponsorship to catch three Pokemon that are exclusive to Europe, Asia and Australia. 

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