Parents Break Down as NYC-Bound Cruise Ship Leaves Port With Kids: Reports

Footage shows the dad sobbing as the mom flails her arms and falls to her knees

A mom and dad who were late boarding a cruise in the Bahamas flailed their arms and sobbed on a pier as the ship bound for New York City left port with their kids on board, according to reports.

The dramatic scene was captured on camera and posted to YouTube by a passenger.

"Apparently, she has her kids on the boat and she’s not on there. There’s a guy there, too," passenger Scott Thomas, who shot the video, says as the mom breaks down in the distance. "That right there is not cool."

The 4,090-passenger Norwegian Breakaway stopped in the Bahamas capital of Nassau on April 21 as part of a week-long cruise that began in New York City, The New York Post reported.

Passengers who decided to spend the day in Nassau were told they had to be back on board by 5:30 p.m., but the unidentified woman didn’t make it in time and her husband went to look for her.

They both ended up stuck on the pier as the massive ship pulled away. The captain of the ship apparently waited an extra half hour for the mom to show up.

"That is someone that has missed the boat," Thomas is heard saying in the YouTube video.

Footage shows the dad sobbing as the mom flails her arms and falls to her knees.

"How come her kids are on and not her?" another passenger is heard saying in the background.

According to the Post, the parents had a boy around 9 years old and a girl around 12 years old on the ship. The kids stayed with other family members on board after departing without their parents.

The family was ultimately reunited in New York City three days later, on April 24.

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