More Threats Made to Midtown South NYPD Captain Over Police Radio

What to Know

  • An anonymous caller made threats to the Midtown South precinct police captain over public radio for a second time this week
  • "South captain, South captain," the voice said Tuesday. "I'm gonna put a bullet in your head"
  • Police said they're investigating the calls, although they don't believe them to be credible

Someone got on police radio this week and again threatened to kill an NYPD captain, police say.

The latest threats were made on Tuesday night, three nights after a man said he was going to shoot the captain of the Midtown South precinct because he put him in jail. 

"South captain, South captain," the voice said Tuesday. "I'm gonna put a bullet in your head." 

The call was much shorter than the one made on Saturday night in which the caller threatened the life of the captain and his mother. 

"Come find me. I'm gonna put a bullet in your head," the anonymous caller said Saturday. "I'm gonna put in your mother too." 

The man also taunted police to "come and find me," saying "I'm right here in Times Square."

Police said that the mystery caller made several other statements Tuesday but that they were inaudible. He then hung up. 

Police confirmed earlier this week that someone had made "various unauthorized transmissions [...] over various frequencies" on Saturday evening.

All of the threats were directed at the Midtown South precinct captain. 

A police dispatcher eventually jammed the call Saturday, forcing the caller offline. Police say they don’t think the threat is credible but they’re continuing to investigate. 

Police believe that the man may have gotten ahold of a lost or stolen police scanner. They said not only was the man able to access police radio, he was also familiar with the lingo of radio calls. 

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