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NYC Mayor Heckled in Town Hall Over Eric Garner Case

Mayor Bill de Blasio was heckled on Sunday at a town hall meeting for his presidential bid over his administration's response to the Eric Garner case. 

De Blasio had just answered a question in which he said Garner shouldn't have died and "there can never be another Eric Garner in this city or any place in this country." 

Then a woman with Justice League NYC started shouting the names of officers involved in the Garner case who remain on the force. 

"What about the other officers?" the protester, Julianne Hoffenberg, said and named thosee officers. "What about the four other officers that contributed to the death of Eric Garner and contributed to its coverup? You haven't done anything, mayor. You haven't done a single thing."

The CNN moderator urged her to "Please be respectful." 

Garner, who was killed by police in 2014 when he was being arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes on Staten Island, ignited the Black Lives Matter movement when his last words "I can't breathe" were captured on video. 

The officer who performed the chokehold on Garner, Daniel Pantaleo, was fired by the NYPD commissioner last week after a departmental judge recommended his termination. 

De Blasio was also heckled over his handling of police officers in the Garner case during the Democratic debate in Detriot on Aug. 1. 

"If the mayor continues to pursue the presidency, choosing national TV airtime over reforming the NYPD, then the grassroots activists of New York will appear on camera with him, calling him out for his neglect of our communities," said Carmen Perez, President and CEO of The Gathering for Justice and co-founder of Justice League NYC.

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