NYC Lawmakers Propose Alert System to Locate Hit-Run Drivers

The family of a popular radio DJ killed in a hit-and-run last December joined city lawmakers Wednesday to announce they were backing legislation creating an alert system seeking runaway drivers that would function like an Ambert alert. 

John Paul Guerrero, also known as DJ Jinx Paul, was killed in a hit-and-run in Brooklyn on Dec. 19. The driver still has not been caught; a man initially turned himself in for questioning, but prosecutors dropped charges against him, saying there wasn't enough evidence to show he was the driver. Police last said they were looking for three women who were seen getting into the vehicle before it hit Guerrero.  

City lawmakers are proposing a hit-and-run alert system that would give the public a financial incentive to turn drivers in. 

"We need the tools and the incentive to do better," said councilman Mark Levine. "It's unacceptable that 90 percent of the people who commit hit-and-runs are walking away without being arrested." 

"We want to make sure the whole city has as much information as possible," said councilman Ydanis Rodriguez. 

Roughly 40,000 New Yorkers are victims of hit-and-runs each year, and 4,000 of them end up with serious injuries, according to the NYPD. About 30 of them die. 

A spokesman for the mayor's office said the mayor is always looking for ways to hold hit-and-run drivers accountable, and will review the legislation. 

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