NYC Has Rudest Uber Riders, According to Survey of Drivers

Al Seib | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

This might not be the best look for New York City.

According to a new survey taken by Uber of its drivers, passengers in the Big Apple were rated the rudest in the country.

The rideshare company based its list on several factors, including passenger punctuality, neatness and courteous treatment of drivers.

Just behind NYC on the rudeness scale were Seattle, Washington, D.C., Boston and Minneapolis-St.Paul. Rounding out the the top 10 were San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Chicago. 

So where are the nicest passengers, according to the survey? Uber drivers said they are in the midwest and the south, with San Antonio, Texas, taking the top spot. St. Louis, Nashville, Salt Lake City and Kansas City, Missouri, were also places with kinder passengers.

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