NYC Gets Sloshed!

City residents tilt 'em back at record pace

Sarah Jessica Parker, get with the program - modern Manhattan is more "Drunk and the City."

Fifty-eight percent of New Yorkers said they consumed a drink in the past year - and nearly twenty-five percent pound back more than seven cocktails a week, a new Siena poll reported by the New York Post reveals

Forty-five percent of city residents who said they drink said they only consume one alcoholic beverage a week, while 27 percent said they drank two to seven times in the same period.

The booziest bunch of New Yorkers drank more than seven beverages each week, with twelve percent claiming they slosh back seven to 15 drinks over a seven-day period. Another 12 percent said they stumble out of city bars with more than 15 drinks in the tank.

Never fear, New Yorkers: suburbanites still have it worse.

Upstaters chug even more than city kids, according to the poll - 68 percent of residents from up yonder said they regularly drink, and 63 percent of suburbanites overall copped to the occasional glug.

"I agree with those numbers, " Upper East Sider David Dutkanicz, 33, told the Post.

"People have more to do here than drink. Whenever I'm in upstate New York, I see more drunken and sloppy behavior," he said.

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