Commuter Fights Ticket for Fleeing Pee-Soaked Subway Car: Report

A New York City mechanic who was fined $75 for moving between subway cars as he tried to escape a urinating passenger is fighting the ticket, saying that the pee was hazardous to his health and his getaway was justified, according to reports.

Michael Kneitel, 52, was ticketed Feb. 17 after an NYPD officer saw him moving between stationary F train cars in the Jay Street-MetroTech station, DNAinfo reported.

He told the officer he was trying to escape a peeing homeless person, but the officer was unswayed.

Passengers are prohibited from using a train's end doors unless there is an emergency.

Kneitel, who had a bacterial infection in his heart several years ago, says his physician told him to avoid fluids with bacteria and that the urine was hazardous to his health, the report said.

At his hearing Feb. 24, Kneitel pointed out that urine is considered a hazardous material by the MTA and that the agency's employees are required to wear protective gear when cleaning it up.

But the hearing officer didn't see things his way and upheld the $75 fine.

On April 13, Kneitel filed a petition in Brooklyn Supreme Court. He wants the decision upholding his fine to be thrown out.

“I’m going to stand up to the MTA and say, ‘You know what? You messed up,’” Kneitel told DNAinfo. “I’m going to take this ruling and stick it so far up their a-hole until it reaches the back of their teeth.”

The MTA did not comment on the case.

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