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Schoolkids Have Christened More NYC Ferries With Great Names Like ‘Ocean Queen Rockstar'

What to Know

  • Schoolkids from the five boroughs have named more NYC Ferry boats
  • The ferry names include The Ocean Queen Rockstar and Seas the Day
  • Some of the ferries will shuttle passengers on two new ferry lines opening this summer

New York City schoolkids have named another batch of city ferry boats and the winners are just as great as last year.

Who could forget the first round of winners in 2017, with such nautical names as Waves of Wonder, Urban Journey, Friendship Express, Happy Hauler, Lunchbox, and McShiny?

The ten winners of this year’s NYC Ferry boat competition are: Seas the Day, Golden Narrows, The Ocean Queen Rockstar, Rainbow Cruise, Starlight, The Jewel of the Harbor, Spring Mallard, The Atlantic Compass, and Traversity.

“The kids who came up with the name Ocean Queen Rockstar are why I love this town so much. Every one of these NYC Ferry boat names have swagger and panache,” Alicia Glen, the deputy mayor for Housing and Economic Development said in a press release.

During its inaugural year in 2017, NYC Ferry shuttled three million riders on its four routes. After ridership exceeded expectations, NYC Ferry announced it will introduce six higher-capacity boats that can hold up to 349 passengers each.

Two more routes will start service this summer; the Lower East Side route will go from Wall Street to Long Island City, and the Soundview route will go from the Soundview section of the Bronx to Wall Street.

We had one reporter take the new New York Ferry and one take the train to compare which was faster to get from Rockaway Park to Wall Street.
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