FBI Agents Survive Explosion, Images Show SUV Buried in Debris

Two on-duty FBI agents were trapped in their SUV when two Manhattan buildings exploded and collapsed on Park Avenue Wednesday, and incredible images have emerged of their vehicle covered in debris.

The agents happened to be driving by the Harlem buildings when they blew up, raining debris for blocks and sending a plume of smoke visible from midtown. The mayor said the cause was a gas leak.

The agents were trapped in the SUV and had to be rescued, officials said. One suffered a broken arm.

Paul Bassett, a photographer, sent NBC 4 New York photos he shot of an SUV buried in debris at the explosion site. He also sent in video he shot of the SUV being removed.

FBI spokesman J. Peter Donald tweeted that the SUV pictured was the one carrying the two agents.

"Thankful they are OK," he said.

Eight people have been confirmed dead, and more than 70 injured.

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