Elementary Kids Get ‘Special Surprise' Drag Performance at School Talent Show

"He got on all fours on the choir stand," one parent said

Parents of students at a public elementary school in East Harlem went to see their kids at a talent show last week and got a full-on drag performance.

Mom Raquel Morales couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched the erotic dance with her 10-year-old son.

“Even as I’m recording, I’m like, ‘This must be déjà vu, I’m dreaming. This is not happening in a school assembly. This can’t be,’” Morales said.

The performer in drag was none other than the president of the PTA at P.S. 96., Frankie Quinones. Video shot by Morales shows him twirling and gyrating to a song by '80s Puerto Rican performer Iris Chacon.

On an event flyer, the drag show was only billed as a “Special Surprise Performance!”

Morales questioned what organizers were thinking.

“He got on all fours on the choir stand, he laid on his back, raised his legs, opened his legs wide open. What made you in your head think that was appropriate for elementary school students?” Morales said.

P.S. 96 had no answers, nor did District 4. However the Dept. of Education said, “The content of the performance was inappropriate and a school administrator has spoken with the parent.”

Other parents at the school didn’t even want to talk about it, but Morales said she’s glad she spoke out.

“What I wanted was an apology for the community,” Morales said. “It was poor judgment. Lack of judgment on his behalf and on District 4.”

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