Limited Service on All LIRR Branches Except Port Washington

LIRR commuters traveling on every branch except Port Washington face significant delays Wednesday morning due to service disruptions at the transit hub in Jamaica, the MTA said. 

The transit agency said that limited service was restored in both directions following early morning suspensions on 10 of the 11 LIRR branches. But commuters should expect delays of at least 60 minutes during the morning rush. 

The MTA said westbound trains on the Oyster Bay and Babylon branches will be making all local stops, including at Jamaica, to help accomodate passengers. 

It's unclear when service will return to normal, although the MTA said it's working to fix the issue. 

Port Washington is not affected because trains along the branch don't run into Jamaica. All other branches travel through the hub and commuters along those lines should prepare ahead. At least one branch was experiencing an 80-minute delay just before 6 a.m. 

NYC Transit is cross-honoring LIRR tickets at Penn Station, Jamaica and Atlantic Terminal.

The exact cause of the service disruptions remains unclear. The MTA initially said a passenger train with no passengers on board derailed at Jamaica station, however the MTA website said a stalled equipment train and power issues were to blame.

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