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NYC Chef at Kungfu Kitchen Makes Noodle Pulling an Art Form

Chef Peter Song had three dreams. The first was to come to New York City to be an actor. Although acting didn’t work out for him, he gets to live out his second dream -- to be a cook -- every day.

And if you ever walk by Kungfu Kitchen, located at 610 8th Ave, you will probably see him through the window, kneading and pulling dough into seamlessly shaped noodles.

Song’s third dream is to be a Chinese doctor, but he’s putting that on the backburner right now while he pursues his passion for making noodles. And while Song didn’t become an actor, he certainly became an artist.

At first, Chef Song learned the art of noodle pulling by watching other people. When he came to New York, he found a master chef to teach him as well. Song is a hardworking, dedicated person by nature. Combining the teachings from his master along with his own personal creativity, Chef Song says it only took him a year to master the art of hand pulling noodles.

Chef Song’s parents owned a restaurant, and he grew up on a street surrounded by noodle restaurants. He says he always knew he wanted to be a noodle chef. Chef Song estimates that he makes an average of 600-700 bowls of noodles a day. And although he loves cooking them, he says he prefers eating them. His favorite dish is Beef Noodles.

Chef Song doesn’t just cook the noodles. He is also an aspiring teacher. Twice a month, he holds noodle making classes at Kungfu Kitchen.

Watch the video above to see how he does it.

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