New York City

NYC's Big Gay Ice Cream Goes Pint-Sized

New York City ice cream institution Big Gay Ice Cream is releasing pints of its soft serve.

Seven pint-sized flavors have been posted on, including American Globs, Birthday Cake, Dorothy, Blueberry Gobbler, Rocky Roadhouse, Lunchbox, and fan favorite Salty Pimp. 

Big Gay Ice Cream's website has also added a “where to buy” section, which will be accessible on Tuesday at

Big Gay Ice Cream started as a seasonal food truck in 2009 before opening a brick-and-mortar location in the East Village in 2011 and the West Village in 2012.

According to the shop’s website, founders Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff have been focusing on growing the Big Gay Ice Cream brand as of late. It appears supermarket pints are a part of that expansion. 

Another New York City-born ice cream shop, Van Leeuwen, also started as a food truck before opening storefronts in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Los Angeles. Van Leeuwen, which describes itself as a “mini ice cream empire,” has already made the move to pints.

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