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Infamous ‘Coast to Coast Bandit' Hits Another NYC Bank, and This Time in a Mets Cap: Police

It appears the alleged bandit has ditched the Yankees for the Mets

A bank robber known as the “Coast to Coast Bandit” robbed a bank in New York City again on Monday, just days after he targeted another bank in the city, police said.  

The man entered an Apple Bank on Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst just before 2 p.m., claiming to be armed and handing a demand note to a teller. 

The teller didn't give him any money and he left the bank empty-handed, police said.

Police believe it's the latest robbery by the so-called “Coast to Coast Bandit,” who investigators have linked to heists on both sides of the country.

But unlike his previous robberies, the alleged thief was wearing a Mets cap Monday instead of his usual Yankees cap, police said. 

The FBI believes the man robbed a Chase Bank at Lexington Avenue and 72nd Street Thursday afternoon, armed with a black gun. No one was hurt, and it wasn't clear how much money he stole. 

Thursday's robbery was the third Manhattan holdup by the same man in less than two months, authorities said. On March 9, cops say the robber held up a Santander Bank on Third Avenue. Four days later, he hit the Chase Bank on Third Avenue. 

Last month, police linked the man to a robbery at a Los Angeles bank. 

In each case, he is armed with a gun or a knife, investigators said. Authorities say the man is considered extremely dangerous; anyone who sees him or has information on the holdups should contact police. 

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