Failing Economy Will End Next Summer, Astrologers Say

Tired of the economic gloom and doom? It'll all be over next summer.

No, that's not necessarily the president's prediction, or even the mayor's. But it is the viewpoint of some New York astrologers.

Skeptics might dismiss these forecasts, since they're coming from professional chart-readers. But astrologers counter that they've been right before.

Take Mitchell Lewis, an astrologer from Manhattan. In 2005, he predicted on his blog,, that the price of oil would hit $100 a barrel. And it did, two years later.

Later that same year, Lewis forecast: "The end result will be a very bad economic time for the country."

Another astrologer, Lawrence Grecco, said that next year our nation will be "at a crossroads." He said that may sound general, but the stars aren't meant to be too specific. They are signs, he said, of historical patterns. He also said before you doubt him, remember that just as the moon controls the tides, the skies can affect what happens on the ground.

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