NY Senators Ordered to Court

Judge orders all 62 NY State senators to come to his courtroom.

     A State Supreme Court judge has ordered all 62 State senators to come to this courtroom Monday afternoon to explain why they shouldn't be forced to hold sessions.

     Governor David Paterson had requested the order, which was signed tonight by Judge Joseph C. Teresi. It orders the New York State Police "to provide access to the Legislative Office Building and Capitol" so the order can be served.  The Senate was already told to return for another "extraordinary session" Saturday at 1:00pm.  But feuding senators from Democratic and Republican conferences have refused to enter the chamber with members of the other conference since Tuesday.  The result has been a series of quorum-less gatherings in which the only "business" accomplished was a moment of silence today among Democrats for Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

     The governor has submitted dozens of bills and appointments to the senate for consideration this week, all of which were previously approved by the now vacationing Assembly.
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