NY Officer in Viral Video Had 4 Previous Suspensions, 36 Misconduct Complaints: Report

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An upstate New York police officer who was suspended earlier this month following a viral video of him calling a woman a vile expletive had been suspended four times and had dozens of misconduct complaints against him.

The Investigative Post reported Wednesday that Buffalo police Lt. Michael A. DeLong had a lengthy disciplinary record involving domestic incidents, violation of procedures, use of force and other misconducts. DeLong was suspended again when he appeared to try to intimidate Ruweyda Salim, a woman who was filming him and several other cops in the middle of an incident with a disoriented man, NBC-affiliate WGRZ first reported.

In the video, Salim questioned why 10 officers were needed to handle a man who appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Salim was recording for about a minute when DeLong approached her.

DeLong, who was not wearing a mask, came what closer than what appeared to be an arm's length of Salim and said, "We have cameras too." When Salim asked him to get away from her, he responded, "Move me." It's unclear if Salim was wearing a mask.

He continued to get closer and began inquiring about Salim's car, her age and her job. His attempt to get her to clear the scene were unsuccessful. Then at one point, he told her, "you're a disrespectful little f---ing c---, that's what you are."

Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo told WGRZ an investigation was ordered after the video surfaced and DeLong has since been suspended.

Reacting to the incident, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said, "There is no place for that type of reprehensible conduct in the Buffalo Police Department and it will not be tolerated.”

The police department had come under fire in the recent month after a police officer pushed a 75-year-old protester, causing him to hit his head to the concrete. Two Buffalo police officers were charged with second-degree assault.

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