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NY Mom Files Lawsuit Against Owners of Canada Dry Ginger Ale for Lack of Ginger

What to Know

  • Western NY resident Julie Fletcher is suing the owner of Canada Dry over the lack of ginger in its ginger ale
  • She claims that Canada Dry mislabeled their product by claiming it was made from real ginger
  • This case is a class action lawsuit

Canada Dry doesn't contain as much ginger as you would think, a New York woman alleges-- and she wants the company to pay for her confusion.

In a federal lawsuit filed against Canada Dry owners Dr.Pepper Snapple Group Inc., Julie Fletcher, of Bolivar, New York, says she would often give her children Canada Dry ginger ale when they had stomach aches.

Fletcher only realized years later that Canada Dry has little ginger in their ginger ale, she says. 

She claims the company deceived consumers by labeling their product as "made from real ginger" when the main ingredients are carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup, according to the lawsuit, filed in Buffalo in mid-July.

"At the time of each purchase of Canada Dry, Ms. Fletcher did not know that the Products that she purchased were not made from real ginger, but were instead made from a miniscule amount of a ginger flavor extract, which does not contain any of the health benefits of real ginger," the lawsuit reads. 

Fletcher says Canada Dry profited off their false advertising by running mutliple campaigns with the slogan "real ginger, real taste." 

Sales for Canada Dry increased by almost nine percent after six months of their new advertising campaign, according to the lawsuit. Sales continued to increase every year following as well. Fletcher has opened up the case as a class action complaint so others can join her.

Fletcher's lawyer and Canada Dry did not respond to emails for comment.

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