NY Legislators Give Final Approval to Tampon Tax Exemption

The exemption would take effect in the subsequent sales tax quarter

The state legislature has given its final approval to exempting tampons and other feminine hygiene products from state sales taxes.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo will sign it into law and it will take effect in the subsequent sales tax quarter, a spokesperson said.

It exempts tampons, sanitary napkins and panty liners from the 4 percent state sales tax.

Assembly member Linda Rosenthal, a Manhattan Democrat and sponsor of the legislation, said the bill isn't limited to those items and would also exempt menstrual products developed in the future.

The tax is sexist, she said, noting that other medical necessities like bandages, medicine and even condoms are exempt.

New York has more than 10 million women of child-bearing age.

State Sen. Sue Serino, a Hudson Valley Republican and sponsor, said repeal of the out-of-touch tax has been decades in the making.

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