Investigators Find Dozens of Rats Being Raised at Long Island Thrift Store

What to Know

  • Dozens of domesticated rats were found at a Long Island thrift store that was emanating foul odors
  • The rats were apparently being raised to be sold as pets
  • The store was condemned and the owner faces animal cruelty charges

A Long Island thrift store was condemned Tuesday after investigators say they found as many as 100 rats being raised in the business.

The owner of A Long Island Picker also faces animal cruelty charges following the probe, which was sparked by complaints of foul odors coming from the Ronkonkoma store.

Investigators looked into the unsavory smells and discovered dozens of domesticated rats roaming free inside the business. It’s believed that they were being raised to be sold or adopted as pets.

The condition of the rodents is unclear, but police confirmed the owner is facing animal cruelty charges.

Members of animal control were spotted removing the rats in boxes on Tuesday. 

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