Dash Cam Video Captures Truck Overturning Near Tappan Zee Bridge

A truck overturned on the approach to the Tappan Zee Bridge on Friday, and a car riding up beside it caught the whole thing on video. 

State Police said that a tractor-trailer carrying scrap metal broke an axle and flipped near the Tarrytown tolls just before 9 a.m. The vehicle then hit a barrier and spewed junk across Interstate 287.

The crash seriously damaged a barrier separating northbound and southbound lanes, forcing officials to shut down all lanes for several hours, The Journal Record reported.

A man's dash cam recorded the accident from just feet away. The video shows the truck's trailer tilting towards the left before crashing onto the road, taking the vehicle's cabin with it. The wheels of the truck roll by moments later. 

The man's spouse posted the footage on YouTube and reassured viewers that he was not injured in the dramatic crash. 

"He is fine and is cool as always," his spouse wrote. 

According to the Record, the truck driver was not injured.

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