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NY Cops Work to Find $1,000 Flute, Other Instruments Stolen From High School

Two 27-year-old Long Island men face charges in the case


Nassau County police are working to return instruments, including a $1,000 flute, that were stolen from a local high school on two occasions earlier this month.

Two suspects, 27-year-old Gem Hattat of Lindenhurst and 27-year-old Jarrett Boyarsky, face charges of burglary and attempted burglary in connection with the thefts at Carle Place High School on June 4 and June 10.

According to police, the pair allegedly stole instruments from the Cherry Lane school in the first case, damaging a smartboard and laptop in the process.

Boyarsky allegedly went alone to the same high school on June 10 and stole musical instruments. UP to 15 instruments were taken in total. Five belonged to students, officials said.

The two were caught 11 days after the second theft when they were spotted on the roof of Rushmore Elementary School by officers responding to a triggered alarm. Both jumped down from the building and both were taken into custody at that time.

A handful of instruments have since been recovered, including a music teacher's electric guitar, police said. The $1,000 flute somehow ended up in California, and police are still working to secure that instrument.

It wasn't immediately clear how the alleged burglars got into the school in the first place. Attorney information for them wasn't immediately available.

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