New York

3 Arrested After Car Lands on Lawn During Long Island Police Chase

Three people were arrested after they led police on a chase on Long Island Friday afternoon and nearly crashed into a home, authorities said.

A sheriff’s car tried to pull over the suspects’ vehicle for running a red light, Suffolk County Sheriff’s Dept. Chief Michael Sharkey said.

But when the deputy exited his vehicle, the suspects took off, sparking a short police chase that ended when the car skidded onto the front lawn of a Bay Shore home.

An older woman inside the home was shaken, but not injured, according to Sharkey.

All three people in the car were eventually caught and arrested. They were not injured. 

Mohammad Quadri and his wife witnessed the chase. 

"i saw the officer is behind — I saw somethiing is wrong," Quadri said. "Then my wife is scared, maybe the guy have a gun." 

Authorities haven’t said why they believe the suspects took off after being pulled over. A K-9 unit was investigating the vehicle as it sat on the front lawn late Friday afternoon. 

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