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Nurse, 67, Has Lived in NYC Dorm Room for Nearly 38 Years: Report

Van Wilder ain't got nothing on one Hunter College dorm resident.

Derek DeFreitas, a 67-year-old nurse, is being sued by the college to vacate the residence hall he's used as a "crash pad" since 1980, according to a lawsuit obtained by the New York Post.

The Post reports that DeFreitas was one of 30 nurses who were able to get a room in the 14-story building at East 25th Street and First Avenue when it was part of the Bellevue School of Nursing but has used the 100-square-foot space as a second home in the 37 years that followed. When he moved in, it was just $50 a month.

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According to the newspaper, DeFreitas isn't the only non-student living in the building. 30 other nurses lived in the building under similar arrangements, but the college has cleared out 21 of them since.

The College claimed in the suit it needed only 30 days to terminate the housing arrangement -- which now costs DeFreitas $694 a month -- and that the evictions were needed to make way for students, according to the Post. The college added in the suit that male and female students were "forced to share common areas and bathroom facilities with DeFreitas."

The 67-year-old told the Post that he had already moved out in the recent weeks event though he had a "contractual right to stay in his dorm room indefinitely."

"Hunter made me feel terrible when I had to leave," he told the Post late last week. "I wouldn’t have retired if I could have stayed."

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