New York City Housing Authority

No Water, Heat For Some NYC Public Housing Residents

Some residents of a public housing complex in the Bronx say they have been without water or heat all day Sunday because of boiler issues. 

The residents of Patterson Houses in Mott Haven are planning a news conference on Monday to address what they say are recurring problems with water and heat. 

On Sunday, some people brought buckets outside to fire hydrants to get water. A private donor also brought boxes of clean drinking water for residents. 

"It's frustrating," said Clarisa Alayeto. "My grandma is 93 years old. I’ve been taking care of her every day, no heat no water, same thing."

The New York City Housing Authority said it was trying to fix the problem. 

“Staff have been working on repairing the house pumps and are in the process of setting up temporary pumps now," NYCHA said in a statement. "This is yet another example of the problems we face given our aging infrastructure, but we must do better providing basic services despite these challenges.”

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