No Green Space, No Problem: ‘Tiger Hood' Turns NYC Streets Into Golf Course

A New York man known as "Tiger Hood" turns alleyways into fairways with his unique form of urban golfing. 

Patrick Q.F. Barr has been gaining attention in recent years for his unusual form of golfing on the streets of downtown New York. His turf tends to be to alleyways, and it's not golf balls he's hitting -- it's milk cartons stuffed with newspaper. 

Instagrammer @newyorknico captured a video of Barr recently teeing off in a Nolita alley. Barr swings his golf club over the concrete and follows through as the milk carton flies toward the street.

At one point, a pedestrian jumps out of the way as she sees the golf ball heading towards her. Fortunately, the ball makes it into the hole. 

Barr is actually an amateur photographer who golfs on the street to pass time while selling his art, according to a 2012 profile of Barr on Bowery Boogie.

Also the subject of a "30 for 30" mini-documentary on ESPN, Barr said he got into golfing when he picked a golf club out of the trash, and was then struck with the idea of hitting milk cartons when he spotted them in trash bags at a nearby school. 

Barr doesn't normally sink his shots, but he takes pleasure in the interactions with strangers that street golfing affords him.

"I get a lot of good feedback. I meet a lot of good people," he says in the documentary. 

Barr, who dreamed as a teen of becoming a professional photographer with his own gallery, admitted in the documentary he didn't "make out the best in life," but said, "You can't cry over spilt milk." 

"For finding something in the garbage, for crying out loud -- the golf clubs, the milk cartons. This is stuff from the gabage," he says in the video feature. "But yet, it can go someplace. It can do something for someone." 

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