No Friends: Cops Use Facebook to Bust Prom Party

Talk about a fair-weather friendship. Cops in northern New Jersey infiltrated Facebook and found out students were planning to bring alcohol and drugs to an after-prom party.
Officers created fake identities to enter the social networking site, penetrate the students' circles and discover where Fair Lawn High School students were going. It was easy to track them down from there. Cops pulled the caravan over a few miles from the high school and arrested four 17-year-old boys who were allegedly carrying pot, scales and plastic baggies used to package the drug for sale.

The school district doesn't regularly check up on students using Facebook unless there's a specific reason, School Superintendent Bruce Watson said. The district usually leaves Internet patrolling to the police.
What's the lesson here? Don't just OK anyone who wants to be your friend. Police Sgt. Derek Bastinck says teenagers are caviler about accepting people into their network of friends. It's not just potential criminals you might be letting into your inner circle, people; it's the po po's as well.

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