Cabbie-Slash Suspect Lawyer Blames PTSD

21-year-old filmmaker stabbed Muslim cabbie in face, neck, cops say

A defense lawyer says a student accused of cutting a Muslim taxi driver's neck in New York City has post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic alcoholism.

A Manhattan judge said Monday he'll decide at arraignment whether to grant bail for Michael Enright. He's accused of attacking the driver with a folding knife last month.

The driver, Ahmed H. Sharif, who is from Bangladesh, was wounded in the face and neck but survived.

Enright's attorney says the stress disorder was brought on by war horrors he witnessed while filming a documentary in Afghanistan. The lawyer also says his 21-year-old client could get treatment for alcoholism if he is allowed out on $250,000 bail.

He is charged with attempted murder and assault as hate crimes.

Authorities say Enright uttered an Arabic greeting and told the driver: "Consider this a checkpoint.'' He's charged with attempted murder and assault, both as hate crimes.

The allegations have mystified some who know Enright, a senior at the School of Visual Arts.

An interfaith group helped send him to Afghanistan as part of a school video project. He spent time embedded with U.S. troops.

He'll be arraigned Sept 25.

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