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NJ Woman Brushed Teeth Before Calling 911 to Report Husband Was Shot in Head

Cops say Michele Linzalone searched for information on whether gunshot wounds to the head were fatal just before calling 911

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A 73-year-old New Jersey woman has been arrested for allegedly shooting her husband in the head in their home, killing him, then claiming it was an accident, prosecutors said.

And authorities are now disclosing a cold-blooded twist -- it appears she searched for info on whether gunshot wounds to the head hurt, and then freshened up in the bathroom before calling 911.

Michele Linzalone is charged with first-degree murder and second-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose in the Monday morning shooting at the home she shared with her husband on Borden Road in Middletown.

Prosecutors say she was the one who called 911 just before 10:15 a.m. that day to say her husband, 74-year-old Rocky Linzalone, had accidentally been shot. Officers responding to the call found Rocky Linzalone in a second-floor bedroom.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The ensuing investigation revealed his death was no accident at all, prosecutors allege. Police, in an affidavit released Wednesday, said Michele Linzalone had an "indifferent, nonchalant demeanor" while being questioned in her kitchen.

"(The) defendant advised that she waited approximately twenty to thirty minutes to contact 911 because she was in shock and she wanted to get dressed and brush her teeth," the affidavit reads.

Authorities subsequently seized her iPhone and discovered that just before calling 911, she'd done searches including "if you shoot someone in the head will they die instantly" and visited a website entitled "what does it feel like to get shot in the head?"

Michele Linzalone, police say, was her husband's primary caregiver after a series of strokes debilitated him. Two family members told authorities that she resented her husband for that.

If convicted of the murder charge, Michele Linzalone faces up to life in prison. The weapons possession count carries up to 10 years in state prison as well.

Police said that when served the murder charges, Michele Linzalone responded "if I was the only one there, how can they prove it wasn't an accident?"

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