NJ Waterfront to Finally Boot Sunken Boats Washed Up After Sandy

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October will mark 10 years since Sandy changed lives forever, but the ghosts of the storm's past have continued to haunt the Hoboken waterfront.

That's all changing this week when crews start work to remove over a dozen abandoned and sunken boats left sinking further into Weehawken Cove for nearly a decade.

Noelle Thurlow has been maneuvering around some of the abandoned boats since the storm. On Friday, her kayaking group took some photos before the vessels are gone for good.

"We don't need extra poluntants, giant boats in the water," Thurgow said.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla said the waterfront takeover started with a couple of boats but turned into a larger graveyard over the years. By the end of may, he said they'll finally be gone.

"What it does is it creates a public nuisance. You can't really use the cove as much and it degrades our quality of life," the mayor said.

Fourteen boats will be pulled from the cove starting this week thanks for grant funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration secured last year.

Cranes will be brought in to lift the boats and ship them out on a barge, headed out to a specific disposal location.

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