New Jersey

NJ Warns of New Teen COVID Cluster From House Party, Fears Spread to Team Sports

A local New Jersey health department is sounding the alarm as it investigates a new cluster of roughly 20 COVID-19 cases in people no older than 19 that may stem from a house party that was held earlier this month.

Middletown Township asks any parent who thinks his or her child may have attended a July 11 party on West Front Street to have the child isolate for 14 days to monitor potential symptoms. That suggestion also applies to parents whose children participate in sports or any other group activity that may have included anyone potentially exposed at the party. Call a doctor if your child gets sick.

Health officials say all of the cases believed to be connected to the party cluster involved people ages 15 to 19. It says it has been trying to do contact tracing to better contain the spread, but says, "responsiveness has been less than satisfactory, with many refusing to answer our questions."

"It is imperative that everyone cooperate in this potentially serious matter as we continue to fight this virus," Middletown Township health officials said. "If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Health Department at 732-615-2000 x2165 or email questions to"

Rising COVID cases among younger people has also been a concern in New York. The state is currently investigating a number of new clusters linked to July 4 parties. On Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the percent positivity rates among people age 21 to 30 has ticked up 4 points in a relatively short period of time.

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