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NJ Transit Will Now Give You An Absence Letter if the Train Makes You Late

Late to work because of delays on NJ Transit? There isn't much the rail agency can do, but at least you can get an excuse note for work.

Amid the recent sharp rise in derailments, breakdowns and delays, NJ Transit this week said it would offer customers excuse letters if a late train delayed their getting to work or another obligation. 

"If you have experienced delays that have compromised your work situation, please stop by one of our Customer Service offices and pick up a delay letter for your employer," NJT Executive Director Steve Santoro said in an open letter posted on the railroad's website. (Customers can also use the "Contact Us" form on the NJT website to ask for a tardy note.)

The concept is not a new one -- the MTA already offers delay notes for people who are late to work because of subway problems. 

The NJT letter follows a laundry list of incidents in recent weeks, including derailments in late March and early April and multiple instances of trains getting stuck in tunnels for prolonged periods. Customers have been told to expect all-day delays of at least 15 minutes indefinitely. 

Amtrak, which controls New York Penn Station, said Thursday it would launch a much-needed makeover to its tracks and other infrastructure beginning in May, resulting in summer-long disruptions for the hundreds of thousands of commuters who travel through the transit hub.

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