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NJ Transit Train Stuck for Nearly 2 Hours, Passengers Plunged Into Darkness

Passengers on a NJ Transit train were trapped for almost two hours -- some of it in complete darkness -- when a train was disabled after leaving Penn Station Monday evening.

The 6279 train bound for Montclair at 6:10 p.m. became disabled 15 minutes later, east of the Broad Street Station in Newark, NJ Transit spokesperson Nathan Rudy said.

Social media video shows passengers plunged into darkness after a NJ Transit train became disabled on the way to Montclair Monday.

Trains on some lines were backed up for as much as an hour due to congestion caused by the incident. Get the latest transit alerts here

Commuters posted videos to social media from the stuck train that appeared to show a power outage in some carriages, with passengers sitting in darkness.

Some complained that they were uncomfortably hot and crowded. Others reported feeling scared, with one person saying fights were breaking out on the train and two passengers had become sick.

"1 hour now stuck on a bridge outside Newark on @NJTRANSIT with no air. Two sick passengers. Fights. Cops have now had to walk the bridge to come on and make arrests and when they opened the door to let them on, people jumped off and started running for the platform. Insanity," Sarah Hansen posted to Twitter.

Rudy said a rescue train arrived shortly before 8 p.m. and pulled the train into Broad Street. He said no passengers were treated by EMS.

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