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NJ Transit Train Doors Burst Open Mid-Ride in Encore to January Incident

What to Know

  • A NJ Transit train was cruising along when its doors burst wide open, video shows
  • NJ Transit said the car was immediately taken out of service and that it's investigating
  • Another set of NJ Transit train doors opened mid-ride last month too

Another set of doors suddenly opened mid-ride on a New Jersey Transit train, video shows.

The short video posted to Twitter on Friday shows the train rolling along with the two doors wide open as passengers stand just feet away.

"@NJTransit never good when that train door just randomly opens," Scott Davidson tweeted.

The train was on the Northeast Corridor and on its way to Penn Station when the doors opened, according to NJ Transit.

"It kinda took us aback," said Davidson. "There was a breeze coming through the door when it happened."

The transit agency said the car was immediately taken out of service and that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

No injuries were reported.

It’s not the first time NJ Transit doors have suddenly flung open. A New Jersey-bound train was leaving Penn Station and on its way to Secaucus Junction last month when a pair of its doors opened, blasting riders with cold air. 

"It just opened," Jeremy Barretto, who recorded the doors, told NBC 4 at the time.

He added, "It was absolutely freezing. No conductor noticed it, and it was open from the exit of the tunnel. There was no alarm or anything when it happened."

And in May, a door on a train from Newark Penn Station popped open.

NJ Transit replied immediately when Barretto tweeted the video, asking for more information so it could look into it.

The transit agency said it encourages customers to notify crew members and move away from doors that have opened mid-ride.

"There's times when it's so paked and you are squashed against the door, so...move away from the door? Come on," said Davidson. 

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