New Jersey Town Wrestles With 2nd Pit Bull Attack

Police in a small community in New Jersey are investigating a second serious dog attack in less than a month.

A pit bull attacked a smaller dog being walked by its owner last Friday in Nutley and a police officer in the vicinity tried to separate the dogs.

"The officer needed to wrestle the larger dog to the ground, and reported that he wouldn't release his clasp of the smaller dog's throat," Detective Sgt. Anthony Montanari said in a press release.

The pit bull’s owner says she accidentally pressed record on her phone as the afternoon attack happened. The video she took captures her dog, Toby, gripping the smaller Pomeranian by its throat as its owner yells out in anguish.

“She was screaming, ‘He’s killing my dog,’” the pit bull’s owner said.

The Pomeranian, named Blue Bear, was taken to a veterinarian. He has since recovered but scars from the attack are still visible on his head, ears and throat.

“Horrible — to be walking along and then something comes along and puts your dog’s head in its mouth,” Blue Bear's owner said.

Toby’s owner told NBC 4 New York that she acquired the dog through an ad on Craigslist and the dog exhibited no signs of aggression. He attacked Blue Bear only six days after she bought him.v

The owner said that she has since found out that Toby attacked another dog last month, something the previous owner didn’t tell her.

Toby has since been given back to his previous owner. Blue Bear’s owner hopes he’ll stay away from children and other pets.

“He’s a vicious animal. He didn’t break for nothing.”

The incident occurred in the same community where a pit bull mix attacked an 11-month-old child in a stroller on March 25. The child required 70 stitches to close the wounds.

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