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NJ Split on Pumping Own Gas, With Majority Favoring Self-Service: Poll

New Jersey lawmakers have introduced a bill that would give gas stations the option to finally have self-service pumps

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New Jersey, one of the last holdouts barring its drivers from pumping their own gas, could soon offer self-service options. But a new poll finds the state's motorists split on changing how gas stations have operated for over 70 years.

Researchers at Monmouth University say the majority (54%) of New Jerseyans are in favor of letting drivers pump their own gas, as long as stations can keep full-service staff in place. Some 43% of the state is against a self-service option.

The Garden State remains the only state where no driver has the option to pump their own gas should they choose to do so. Over on the west coast, Oregon allows motorists to pump gas, but only in rural regions of the state.

And most New Jerseyans like being the lone holdout, the Monmouth University Poll states. An estimated 55% of the state say it's a good thing for the state.

Since the 1940s, it's been state law that gas stations are full service. Recently, lawmakers introduced a bill that would give gas stations the option to finally have self-service pumps.

If given the option, the poll found that two in every three motorists in the state would pump their own gas. Nearly the same percentage of those polled voice opposition to getting rid of a full service option entirely.

The legislation, if passed, would give owners the option to provide self-service by allowing gas stations to offer full-service fuel, self-service fuel or a combination. The bill would also allow gas stations to offer a discount to customers who pump their own gas and allow those with disabilities to have their gas pumped by an attendant at a lower self-service price if it is offered.

The poll of 802 New Jersey adults was conducted between March 31 and April 4 and has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

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