New Jersey

‘Niagara Falls' of Feces Floods NJ Woman's Home

A broken sewer line sent raw sewage flowing out of a basement toilet and bathtub this week in Aberdeen, New Jersey.

Owner Eloise Smart-Loadholt described a "river of feces" flowing non-stop throughout the basement, where she lives in the home.

Smart-Loadholt said when she discovered the messy scene she found a pair of boots and immediately called for help.

“I mean feces is pouring out of the toilet, pouring out of the tub like a river. I said, ‘Niagara Falls is coming here?’” Smart-Loadholt said.

According to workers nearby, a sewer main cracked, and because her basement is below the level of the pipe, the feces from multiple homes literally ran back downhill, flowing out of her toilet and bathtub.

Photos Smart-Loadholt took show murky water covering the floors of her home. 

Smart-Loadholt was trying to get the foul odor to go away Thursday. The carpeting was ripped out, most of the furniture was outside, and fans were blowing and windows were open.

The sewage flow was finally stopped but it will take a couple of days to repair the sewer main so that she can start using her toilet again.

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