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NJ Man Offers Free Rides to Vaccine Appointments in COVID Themed Car

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After helping deliver food for those in quarantine, Joe Cicchetti now takes people to their COVID-19 vaccine appointments across New Jersey in his virus-themed car for free.

The “Joe’s Covee” vehicle is decked out with red antennae modeled after the likeness of the SARS-CoV-2 protein spikes. While people will have to make their own vaccine appointment, Cicchetti and his partner, Shirley Limburg, will pick up them and drop them off at a vaccine site around western New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

Cicchetti's doing his part to stop the spread of the virus but he says many of his passengers are wary of the vaccine.

"I get so many questions online about the coronavirus itself, the vaccine. The biggest question I get is the same one: is it safe?" he said.

The CDC says the vaccine is safe and effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths, and Cicchetti is doing all that he can to help riders feel safe on their way to get a shot.

Cicchetti himself is fully vaccinated and he says he wipes down and sanitize the vehicle before each ride. He requires all riders to wear masks covering their nose and mouth at all times, to sanitize their hands before entering his car and he'll check their temperatures as well.

Although Cicchetti and Limburg are doing it all for free, the cost of masks, sanitizer and gas add up and riders often donate to the Free Vaccine Ride project.

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