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NJ Lawmaker Calls for Hearing After I-Team Reveals Lack of Required Highway Signs

A New Jersey lawmaker is calling for a legislative hearing a day after an I-Team investigation exposed a lack of required highway signs in the state. 

“I was outraged,” said Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle, deputy speaker of the New Jersey legislature and vice chair of the Assembly transportation committee.

“This is basic maintenance, it doesn’t cost a lot of money and it should be corrected,” she said. 

On Tuesday, the I-Team highlighted the lack of signage on major highways in New Jersey, like on Route 4 and Route 46.

“Signage, to me, is the easiest first step in avoiding accidents and crashes,” Huttle said. 

In a statement to the I-Team the New Jersey Department of Transportation said motorist safety is a priority. The department also said it “primarily relies on local public safety officers to inform the Department of signs that are missing, damaged, or knocked down.”

“One life, if we could save one life that matters,” Huttle said. “We need to find a solution and we need to find a partnership between law enforcement and the DOT."

In addition to the hearing, Huttle is also in favor of a statewide study, to learn where wrong-way crashes are happening and how safety can be improved.

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