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NJ Homecoming Royalty Reunite, Marry 27 Years After Graduating

The newlyweds were crowned Homecoming king and queen in 1993 but never actually dated before last year

new jersey couple getting married at alma mater
Mike Peters, Montclair State University

The coronavirus pandemic didn't get in the way of two New Jersey newlyweds starting the next chapter of their love story, nearly 27 years after their first encounter.

Janet Fenner and Gregory Dabice married over the weekend at their alma mater. The pair, who graduated in 1993 from Montclair State University, were crowned Homecoming king and queen together but never dated in college.

"We knew each other from Greek life, but I was a straight-A student, intra-sorority vice president, on the student government and track team, the whole nine yards," Fenner told the school. "Then there was Greg, who's completely 180."

The pair returned to Sprague Field on Aug. 1 to tie the knot with officiating assistance from Chief of University Police Paul Cell. The entire wedding, the school says, observed COVID safety measures including mask use and a safe distance kept between all in attendance.

Fenner and Dabice had each married, had children of their own, and eventually divorced behind finding each other again. The pair reunited on a dating app, they said, in April of 2019.

"By our third date, I just knew she was it," Dabice told Montclair.

He proposed to Fenner during the pandemic with a ring engraved with two tiny crowns. The school says family members drove by their home with signs that read, "Will you marry me?"

"He definitely struck a chord in my heart and here we are," Fenner said. "We have seven kids, two dogs and a sulcata tortoise, and it still works just perfectly. I wouldn't change a single detail."

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