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NJ Cop Lassos Runaway Bull With Parachute Cord in Woodland Standoff

What to Know

  • A police officer and an escaped bull got into a standoff in the woods of Monmouth County
  • The officer lassoed the bovine, but soon realized he was stuck between a bull and a hard place
  • The animal was ultimately brought under control and returned to its owner

A police officer faced off with a runaway bull in a snowy impasse in the woods of New Jersey on Thursday.

The Howell Police officer was responding to “a loose bull on Oak Glen Road” when he found the beast wading through deep snow from Wednesday’s nor’easter.

“Howell officers are highly trained in a variety of complex tasks but every so often we are confronted with another challenge,” the department posted to Facebook, along with a couple of photos of the encounter.

The officer used a parachute cord from his go-bag to lasso the 500-pound bovine.

Stuck in a sort of stalemate, the officer used a utility pole as a barrier between him and the bull as he waited for help in getting the defiant creature under control.

“I think he quickly realized this idea was bull?$&@!” the department captioned a photo showing the officer peaking from behind the pole at the bull. 

Police said the bull was safety returned back to its caretaker. It’s unknown where it escaped from or how it escaped in the first place.

Wednesday’s nor’easter dumped 11 inches of snow on Howell at a rate of 2 inches per hour, according to the National Weather Service.

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