NJ Billboard Celebrates Couple’s 60-Year Love Story

Husband takes out billboard over Route 46

Cliff Gold wanted to let everyone to know just how much he loves Marna, his wife of six decades. So he decided to wish her a happy anniversary with a billboard.

The huge sign, posted on Route 46 in Fort Lee, N.J., reads: "A wedding anniversary greeting. Marna, 60 years since our start... still the center of my heart. Luv U. Your C."

The pair acknowledges Cliff has a "quirky" sense of humor. That quirkness has spawned years of practical jokes.

One year Cliff fooled his wife with a fake heart-shaped tattoo on his backside. It did not go over well, he told NBCNewYork.com.

But other pranks did make Marna laugh. Once he put a sign on the side of her car that read: "Tell the driver her husband loves her." People did.

Cliff even dressed up as a frog and showed up to Marna's job. She kissed her frog and called him "my prince."

Last year, Marna scheduled a bone density test. Cliff told NorthJersey.com he called ahead and gave the medical technician a phony application form for Marna that asked if she still loved her husband.

The couple credits that laughter as one of many keys to a long-lasting love.

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