Group of Baby Ducks Rescued From NJ Storm Drain

A group of motherless ducklings was rescued from a stormwater drain in New Jersey on Tuesday, city officials said.

The nine baby ducks had fallen into a drain at Hamilton Marketplace in Hamilton Township and were unable to escape.

Municipal crews used a jet truck on Tuesday to flush water into the stormwater drains, helping direct the ducklings towards an animal control officer, who was able to rescue eight of the birds.

The ninth duck was plucked from the drain Wednesday morning.

“We have dedicated and compassionate employees serving our residents, and even our local wildlife, here in our community,” Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede said. "I am proud of the effort these employees demonstrated to rescue the ducklings and transport them to safety."

Because the ducklings' mother was nowhere to be found, the little quackers were taken to the Mercer County Wildlife Center, which cares for injured and young wildlife.

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