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New York Nintendo Superfans Have Been Camping for Days for the Nintendo Switch Release

Call them what you will, but don't say they're not dedicated.

Hundreds are camping overnight on the frigid streets of New York to get their hands on a new Nintendo gaming console.

As of Thursday night, the line for the Nintendo Switch started from the Nintendo shop at Rockefeller Plaza and snaked almost 200 yards down 48th Street and around the corner onto Sixth Avenue.

Some of the most hardcore fans had been camping here for days just to be one of the lucky recipients of the newly released console. The console will be launched midnight Thursday.

Rinaldy Gomez, a self-described Nintendo 'super fan' was number eight in the line, and had been camping for three days.

"It's been frigid," he admitted. But that hadn't dampened the fun.

"It's been loud, it's been rowdy, it's been energetic, it's been vivacious and there's been endless momentum!"

He said he'd slept about 10 hours in the last three days.

Cody Austrie and Fabian Francis were halfway down the block from Gomez, and believed they were within the first 100.

"We are part of a select few who believe it is worth it to wait multiple nights in order to be the first to receive the video game console," Austrie said.

The pair had arrived 11pm Wednesday night.

"I've donned my arctic gear and we're waiting," Austrie said.

The Connecticut resident had planned ahead with a checklist of important items to pack: chair, blanket, external battery, cables, wallet, phone, Nintendo 3DS for entertainment, gloves, hat, scarf and water to stay hydrated.

"I'm probably going overboard," he laughed.

Local companies had been bringing the Nintendo fans drinks and pizza, and they'd been using the bathrooms at Starbucks, nearby shops and the subway station.

Thursday's release comes almost two months after Nintendo fans waited in chilly temperatures outside the New York City store overnight only to find nothing they wanted was available.

Some were waiting to put their names down on a presale list to buy the new Nintendo Switch console, mistakenly thinking it opened that day.

Puzzled staff members said at the time they didn't know how fans had got the wrong information.

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