Teens Going to Get Candy Shot in Newark Drive-By, 1 Killed: Sources

Four teenagers were shot in an apparent drive-by as they were walking to get candy in Newark, and one of them has died, police sources say. 

The killed teenager has been identified as 16-year-old Kevin Barber, sources say. Another 16-year-old who was shot is in critical condition.

The other two victims were 13 and 19 years old, and are in stable condition, the sources say. 

Law enforcement sources say the teens had just gotten done playing basketball and were walking together on Hawkins Street to get candy at a convenience store. Then someone in a passing car fired at the group through an open window. The car then sped off.

"I think I heard eight shots, seven, something around there. It was a lot, back to back," said neighbor Armando DeGarcia. 

Surveillance video shows the group of boys walking around a corner, then suddenly falling and scattering as the gunfire erupts. 

The grandfather of the killed teen said the boy has been arrested in the past but was a "normal kid" for the most part.

"He'd do stupid stuff [but] he goes to school, he'd been arrested but he's, you know, a kid, he's not out there shooting at people," said Herbert Waldron. 

"What he's done don't justify what has happened to him," he said. 

It's not clear what the boy has been arrested for in the past.

Investigators are looking into whether the group was targeted or if there was a motive. 

The investigation has been turned over to Essex County Prosecutor's Office. 

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