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The Most Popular Halloween Candy in NY, NJ, CT

Sour Patch Kids rank first in New Yorkers’ top pick for Halloween candy this year, according to Candy Store’s annual survey. Candy corn comes in a close second, followed by Hot Tamales in third.

Candy Store, the leading online candy dealers, collected data that found New Yorkers bought over 203,000 pounds of the sour stuff over the past 11 years. They also bought over 100,000 pounds of Candy Corn, and 49,000 pounds of Hot Tamales, the highly popular spicy treat.

New Yorkers love Sour patch Kids so much, they constructed an entire float dedicated to the sour candies in the 2017 Macy’s Day Parade.

New Jersey’s candy tendencies differ significantly, however. Skittles come in first place for the state, at 165,000 pounds bought, followed by M&Ms at 160,000, and finally Tootsie Pops with 98,000 pounds.

In Connecticut, Almond Joy is the most popular pick, averaging over 2,500 pounds bought. Milky Way comes in second at 1,700 pounds, and M&Ms third, with only 900 pounds bought in the last 11 years.

With 179 million Americans celebrating Halloween this year, the National Retail Federation is estimating that shoppers will spend around $2.6 billion on Halloween candy in 2018 alone.

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